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Tying Bows

Tying your own bows is a nice personal touch to the wreath. It also allows variation to the Traditional Holiday Wreath. I've outlined a couple of different bow styles that you may want to try:

  • Single Loop bow
  • Double Loop bow
  • Complex bow
  • Cheat's bow
  • Rose bow

Tips for Bow Tying:

  • When cutting the wire to tie Ribbon make sure to cut enough wire to wrap around the wreath securing the bow.
  • When cutting ribbon use your discretion about what length will fit. Cut ribbon longer rather than shorter for insurance.

To make a Single Loop bow:

  1. Use any 1 inch or wider ribbon
  2. Cut 8-10 inches of ribbon
  3. Fold Ribbon in half
  4. Twist Fine Wire in the middle of the length
    * Attach a few of these in a cluster on the wreath.

To make a Double Loop bow:

  1. Use 1-4 inch wide ribbon
  2. Cut 3-4 feet of ribbon- adjust length to width of ribbon
  3. Fold two ends toward each other making a rounded heart shape
  4. Hold the two ends together in the center,
  5. Pull from the bottom of the heart to the center,
  6. Pinch the bottom center inward and connect it to the ends making two connected circles
  7. Adjust the length to make one circle slightly smaller than the other
  8. Push sides into the center making a Double Bow
  9. Twist Fine Wire at the center
  10. Cut 2-3 feet length of ribbon
  11. Tie ribbon around center of bow to make a bow ends
    * I promise it isn't as difficult as it sounds.

To make a Complex bow:

  1. Use 1-4 inch wide Wired Ribbon
  2. Make 2 or 3 Double Loop Bows
  3. Attach Double Loop bows in the center with Fine Wire
  4. Finish the top attaching a Rose Bow to the center
    * Make sure to cut and hide unnecessary end wires, leaving one to attach the bow to the wreath.

To make a Cheat's bow:

  1. Use Wired Ribbon
  2. Cut 2-3 feet of ribbon
  3. Fold a length of ribbon into the shape of a bow
  4. Twist Fine Wire at the center of the bow to hold it's shape
    * Attach a few of these in a cluster on the wreath.

To make a Rose bow:

  1. Use 2 inch wide Wired Ribbon
  2. Cut 18-24 inches of ribbon
  3. Hold one end of the ribbon
  4. Fold Ribbon in half
  5. Pull out one side of wire, gathering the bottom of the ribbon
  6. Wrap the gathered wire in a spiral (This will occur naturally)
  7. Tie the two outside ends of wire together, securing the rose bud
    * Scrunch and fluff the bud according to how you want it to look. Attach a few of these around the wreath, or use them as center on any other bow.